Cole Porter Society and Mercedes-Benz of Marin

January 6th, 2017 by

A Great Year for the Cole Porter Society

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Mercedes-Benz of Marin is proud to continue our sponsorship of The Cole Porter Society which helps supports local artists and youth activities.

In their latest Newsletter, the society thanks their supporters and shares the exciting success they had in 2016:

“Thanks to all of our great supporters! This year we have made great progress on introducing The Great American Songbook to youngsters. Some have never been exposed to music, some never been to a live performance. Our goal for 2017 is to fully fund 30% of the seats to performances to be set aside for schoolkids. Please help us with a generous donation! In addition to our school programs, the experience of a live performance will be long remembered.”

Continue reading for more about The Cole Porter Society or visit THEIR WEBSITE to learn more or join the cause.

“The goal of The Cole Porter Society is to promote, preserve and perpetuate the genre of The Great American Songbook through the genius of Cole Porter. As the foremost composer of his era, it is important that his legacy be remembered. While musical tastes shift, alter and change, we continually need to be reminded: each generation builds upon the past. In order to truly understand who we are and where we are along the musical continuum, it is imperative we introduce, expose and educate young people to the timeless expression of vocal discourse represented by Cole Porter and his peers.”

Great job to The CPS team and wishing much success in 2017!

-Mercedes-Benz of Marin


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